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Fast Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Do your hardwood floors have light scratches, a dull finish, or a faded look? Cleaning and recoating could be the answer to restoring your floor’s original beauty. With over 20 years of experience, A to Zito Custom Hardwood Floors will get the job done and have you walking on your floors again the same day!


Cleaning and recoating services are priced per square foot on a job-to-job basis complexity. Call today for your FREE estimate!

Eco-friendly Bona hardwood products

Our experts use Bona water-based polyurethane products specifically designed for hardwood floors. Original floor finishing products gives less odor and fumes than other products. The quick dry time enables the furniture to be returned within 24-36 hours. Bona products are environmentally friendly and are more durable than other floor finishes.

Detailed cleaning and recoating process

  • Sweep the floor

  • Apply a special heavy duty floor cleaner

  • Conduct a light buffing cleaning process

  • Apply one coat of water-based polyurethane

Affordable, high-quality hardwood flooring services

As a family owned company, A to Zito Custom Hardwood Floors cares about your hardwood floors as much as you do. We guarantee our workmanship and honor product guarantees for your protection.